What is your why? Day 2.

If you haven’t read What is your why? Covid Questions, make sure you read that first. Each post this week will build off each other

Did you start a Covid-19 journal yet? Did you write your first entry?

Today I want you to grab your journal and start writing out all of your why Gods. They can be related Covid-19 or not. They can be small or big. They can be silly or serious.

Here a few why questions I want to ask God….

Why did you create Sloths? Do they have a purpose?

Why did you create Mosquitoes?

Why didn’t God stop the holocaust?

Why did I live and my donor Cheri die?

Why won’t you take my anxiety away?

Why do you give me dreams that seem like they will never happen?

Why don’t you stop the Coronavirus?

I would love to hear some of your why questions. If you feel comfortable, leave a comment. If not, email me: Lisdschmidt@gmail.com.

More tomorrow,


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Lisa lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children. When she is not blogging you can find her running, getting to know new people, serving her community and spending time with her family. She is currently working with the Family & Children Ministry department at a local church.

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