I don’t know. Day 2.

If you missed yesterday’s post, read that first. Each post this week will build on one another.

Have you started a Covid-19 journal yet? If not, start there. Go and order a fancy journal on Amazon if that would motivate you. I usually just grab an old notebook. Staple some loose paper together if that’s all you have. After this is all over, you will be glad you kept a journal during this time.

Yesterday I asked what answers people have given you to the question, why do bad things happen to good people? I would love to hear your answers.

At the end of my blog post on Thursday I shared that I came to a place in my life where I surrendered my ‘why‘. To read more about that experience, check this post out.

If I was reading about someone else’s experience of surrender, before I experienced it myself, I would have been skeptical. I would have thought, that sounds great – but how to do you that? That is the question we are going to explore over the next few days. How do we surrender? What does it mean to surrender?

Keep in mind two things as we dig in.

1. As I write about my experience of surrender it can sound like it was quick and easy. That experience was 16 years in the making.

2. Also, keep in mind that surrender is not a one time experience, I have to surrender my ‘why’s’ to God daily.

First things first. Brokenness

I have found that at the heart of surrender is brokenness. I’ll share my definition with you tomorrow, but today I want you to come up with your own.

Journal questions for the day.

What words come to mind when you think of brokenness? Rock Bottom? Lost? Humbled? Devastated?

Have you ever felt that way?

What is your definition of brokenness?

Why do you think that brokenness is at the heart of surrender?

More tomorrow,


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Lisa lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two children. When she is not blogging you can find her running, getting to know new people, serving her community and spending time with her family. She is currently working with the Family & Children Ministry department at a local church.

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