Less of me.

[Before I start I want to acknowledge a few things. First, if you read my blogs weekly, this content may sound familiar. I wrote a series on the Holy Spirit last summer and most of the content from this blog comes from that series. Also, I recognize that there is a lot of content in … More Less of me.

He is better.

There are several things I don’t like about being a Christian. A few things Jesus said rub me the wrong way. Some of his ways are difficult to follow. Some of his teachings are challenging to swallow. But there comes a point in our faith where we have to decide – what is better? Is … More He is better.

I don’t know.

As I mentioned in my last post, after my Liver transplant I became consumed with ‘why’? I felt like if I knew why God allowed this, then somehow I would be able to accept what happened. I was convinced that after I had the answer, I would have peace and I could move on with … More I don’t know.

What is your why?

“Why won’t God just take this Coronavirus away?” my daughter cried out.  She has asked that same question amongst sobs the last few nights as we tucked her into bed. And each time, no matter how I say it, my answer is never adequate.  Because “I don’t know” is the only answer I have to … More What is your why?