Piper’s Blog

My daughter wanted to start a blog – check it out!

Hi, my name is Piper.

I’m 11 years old and I live in saint paul MN.

I want to start writing a blog to talk about my feelings and experiences.

I enjoy playing basketball, talking to my friends, and drawing.

I like having loyal friends who include me, even if they are the opposite gender. A stupid thing that happens is when people separate people because of their gender. Sometimes girls want to hang out with boys but don’t now how to say it, because they think that people will judge them. At this point in my life all people want is to try and be accepted and find who they truly are.

This year all my friendships are changing and next year when I go to middle school sometimes I feel like I’m gonna be all alone.

I have anxiety and stomach issues and that messes with my mind and my body all the time.

I hope you enjoy hearing about my experiences!

Piper Schmidt